AROD has prepared a letter for politicians. In this letter we inform them of our drug policies’ troubled relationship to the human rights conventions and their responsibilities in this regard. We also confront them with five questions raised by the rights-oriented debate, and we ask them to honor their obligations to international law by assisting us in the creation of an independent, impartial, and competent tribunal.


If you want to help us in the quest for rights-oriented drug policies, you can make a valuable contribution by forwarding this letter to your politicians. If you want to write your own letters, that’s great, but for those of you who would prefer a simpler solution this is the way forward:

(1)Download our Concerned Citizen-letter.

All you need to do then is (2) add the name of the politician, (3) sign the letter, (4) attach ARODs letter to politicians together with To End a War, and (5) email it to your politicians.


It is as simple as that, and if you should receive a forthcoming response we would really appreciate it if you forwarded it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..